Rocherpan is perfect for birders. The combination of land, vlei and sea provides ample breeding and feeding habitats for a variety of birds. A total of 183 species have been recorded, of which about 70 are water birds. White pelicans and greater and lesser flamingos, all of which are endangered, are often seen at Rocherpan. Ostriches also live on the flats surrounding the vlei.

Rocherpan is one of the Cape shoveller’s most important breeding and moulting sites. The reserve provides a sanctuary for Southern Africa’s second-rarest coastal bird, the African black oystercatcher.

Rocherpan has three bird hides. Two are located on the South-western side of the vlei, and one is on the North-western side. Fetch a bird list and map from the reserve main office or download the bird list here.


Bird Hide 1


Bird Hide 2


The interior of bird hide 2


The kind of views you can expect