Water week 2017:
Nature’s Water Factory

by CapeNature

National Water Week takes place from 20 to 26 March in 2017. CapeNature highlights some key water facts in an animated video. 

In 2015 the World Economic Forum announced that the current global water crisis is the number one global risk, based on impact to society.

Water week is celebrated every March in South Africa to highlight the need to conserve this precious resource. CapeNature manages 90% of the water catchment areas in the Western Cape, and as such understands the importance of ensuring the supply of clean, healthy drinking water.

But it’s not as simple as turning on a tap, and expecting water to come out. Nature’s water factory is a large and interconnected system, with many facets that are all vital to water security. Watch the video below to learn more.

Animation produced by Roth Communications.

About National Water Week

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