Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management is managed by an internal SCM Unit. This unit is solely responsible for purchasing of goods and services to assist CapeNature with achieving its provincial mandate.

The SCM team ensures that CapeNature promotes a sound and accountable supply chain process. The SCM unit focuses on promoting black economic empowerment, local economic development, and the promotion of small businesses. Approved policy and procedures further encourages compliance by ensuring that goods and services are procured at the best value for money, that processes are fair and equitable, that there is open and effective competition and that sound accountability and reporting is practised.

Supply Chain Management operates within the prescribed legislative environment and is guided by the following legislation:

The Public Finance Management Act, No1 of 1999 as amended

The Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA)

The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (BBBEE) and the

National Small Business Act (Act 102 of 1996)

Formal Tenders (Above R500,000)

Formal tenders will also be advertised in the government tender bulletin.

WCNCB01112020 SP- Boardwalk Upgrade

WCNCB01112020 SP- Boardwalk Upgrade – Annexures

WCNCB0110202 – Fire Suites


 WCNCB CedSPP 07/20 – Design, supply, deliver and implementation of a Solar Photovoltaic System at Cederberg Nature Reserve. minimum 3EB

 WCNCB RochSol 07/20 – Design, supply, deliver and implementation of a Solar Solution at Rocherpan Nature Reserve. minimum 3EB

 WCNCB GVB RR05/20 – Grootvadersbosch Ring Road. minimum 3CE/3GB

 WCNCB Anys AWG 05/20 – Supply and Installation of an Atmospheric Water Generator with Solar at Anysberg Nature Reserve.  minimum 2SO/2GB

Tenders Awarded: Q1 to Q4 – 2020/21 – Financial Year  
NoTender Reference Number Description Vendor Value
1WCNCB 01/02/2020Conduct the employee wellness programme for a period of 5 (five) yearsUniversal Corporate Wellness (Pty) Ltd R      1 157 261.00
2WCNCB 01/12/2019Design, supply and implement a solution in order to provide circulated sea water to the Penguin Pool at Bird Island Nature Reserve, along with related general building upgrades.Meezan Building Services R      1 171 185.30
3WCNCB CED SOL05/20 Design, supply and implement a minimum of 75kWp Solar Photovoltaic System at Algeria, Cederberg WildernessSEM Solutions (Pty) Ltd R      1 628 320.82
4WCNCB ROCH SOL07/20Design,supply and implement an appropriate solar solution for the Rocherpan Nature Reserve Tourism accommodation, Client staff accommodation and office.SEM Solutions (Pty) Ltd R      2 162 779.91
5WCNCB GVB RR05/20 Undertake upgrades to, and repairs of the existing main ring access road at Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve making it accessible to Sedan vehicles as part of the continual road maintenance of the ReserveGroeneveld Civil Engineering Construction (Pty) Ltd R      3 334 411.00


Tenders Cancelled: Q1 to Q4 – 2020/21 – Financial Year  
NoTender Reference Number Description
1WCNCB ANYS AWG 05/20Supply, Delivery and Installation of Atmospheric Water Generator to the Anysberg Nature Reserve
2WCNCB 01/10/2020Supply and Delivery of Fire Suits to CapeNature
3WCNCB SP 01/11/2020 Boardwalk upgrade at the Stoney Point Nature Reserve

Tenders awarded in 2019-2020 financial year

For Electronic bid documents, email Mehnaaz Kamroodien –

Supplier Registration on the Western Cape Supplier Database

As from 1 April 2012, the Western Cape Government may no longer do business with suppliers that are not actively registered on the Western Cape Supplier Database (WCSD). Any supplier intending to do business with CapeNature must ensure that they are registered on the Western Cape Supplier Database.

Why register on the WCSD

Western Cape Supplier Database Registration User Guide

Western Cape Supplier Database Registration Form

Preference Points Claim Form A (bid is estimated to not exceed R1 000 000)

Preference Points Claim Form B (bid is estimated to exceed R1 000 000)

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