CapeNature discusses water saving technologies at the Expresso Breakfast Show

by CapeNature

Ramese Mathews, Tourism Manager at CapeNature, visited the SABC 3 Expresso Breakfast Show studios recently to talk about the water saving technologies in place at various CapeNature reserves across the Western Cape Province.

He discussed the challenges faced by the tourism industry in the Western Cape in the light of recent fires and drought and reminded viewers of the key responsibility that members of the public have in the fight to prevent wild fires and save water.



Members of the public had the opportunity to call in with their own tips on water saving while Mathews elaborated on many of the water saving methods already in place across CapeNature reserves.



Mathews went on to discuss how meaningful water saving has to start with the individuals and the small steps we can all take if we want to be part of the solution.  He outlined what members of the community can do to assist CapeNature in water saving, both indoors and outdoors.



Mathews also spoke about how the standing and running sources of water on CapeNature properties are also used in a sustainable way at all times.  The interview concluded with a stark reminder about the fact that the water shortage is likely to be a long term problem and that we need to adjust our mindsets to take that reality into account.



To find out how you can save water contact the City of Cape Town on 0860 103 089/or your local municipality and remember to report all water leaks and wild fires immediately.

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