CapeNature donates trees to Langa community

by CapeNature

The Embo Initiation Forum safeguards the culture and traditions of the local community in Langa and is especially active in preserving and protecting the initiation tradition. So when the Embo committee asked CapeNature for a donation of trees that could be planted around the border of the initiation site, the entity didn’t hesitate.

On 23 September, no less than 150 trees were delivered by CapeNature to the initiation site in Langa. Present at the handover ceremony was CapeNature’s Mr Melikhaya Pantsi, General Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Access. He observed that the partnership with EMBO provides CapeNature with an opportunity to strengthen the cultural connection of communities to the environment and natural resources. He confirmed that a similar relationship was established with Hlubi Sotho Forum for a site in Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve.

Mr Melikhaya Pantsi addressing members of the community at the event

Mr Pantsi added that it is heartening that the communities see culture and environment as being inextricably linked which is why they approached CapeNature to partner with them. The trees provided and planting assistance was another community service that is embedded within the YES Programme and EPWP Social development activities.

Local dignitaries who were present at the handover included Embo committee members Madoda Mabutho (Chairperson), Joel Magwaca (Deputy Chairperson), Bandile Mangisa (Secretary) and local ward councilors Rashid Adams of the DA (Ward 49) and Nomtha Dilima of the ANC (Ward 51).

Councilors Nomtha Dilima and Rashid Adams in attendance

Councilor Adams, in whose ward the initiation site is situated commented, “We accept gratefully the generous gift of indigenous trees from CapeNature. We look forward to further engagement and thank CapeNature for taking an interest in the preservation of this initiation site in Langa.

EMBO Chairperson Madoda Mabutho

It was especially fitting that the handover took place in the same week as Heritage Day, as all South Africans celebrate our shared heritage, both cultural and natural.

The first batch of trees are planted

Councilor Adams, Embo committee members and Mr Melikhaya Pantsi

We’ve also just celebrated Arbor Week at the beginning of September and this event further emphasizes the significance of trees and the shade, protection and privacy they bring, strengthening the bond between the community and the land.

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