CapeNature supports Marine Month

by CapeNature

CapeNature currently manages six Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on behalf of the Department of Environmental Affairs: Oceans and Coast, namely Robberg, Goukamma, Stillbaai, De Hoop, Betty’s Bay and Rocherpan.

Marine protected areas aim to conserve marine life and promote the conservation and effective management of biodiverse marine areas. They are an example of successful collaboration between civil society, communities and government to take care of our natural resources, particularly our marine resources.

October is Marine Month which is dedicated to creating awareness around South Africa’s marine and coastal environment and its pivotal roles in our lives and communities.


According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, approximately 75% of ocean litter comes from land based waste. Without effective waste collection, an avalanche of debris will enter the ocean to threaten the marine habitat.

CapeNature has developed the #DontBeTrashy campaign to meet the threat head on and address littering behavior in the Western Cape. Youth Employment Service (YES) participants did their part in support of Marine Month and initiated various clean-up operations across the Western Cape.

For example in Knysna, the YES participants collaborated with the Department of Environmental Affairs Development Planning (DEAP), CapeNature Community Conservation office and Percy Mdala High School to conduct a joint operation river clean-up along the banks of the Judas square river.

A total number of 40 grade 10 learners were divided into groups of 10 during the clean-up. The groups recorded the litter items which they pick up on the datasheets which were submitted to the Ocean Conservancy. A total of 31 bags of various litter items were filled on the day. Each litter Item picked up were recorded on a data sheet which was submitted to the Ocean Conservancy.

Join the #Don’tBeTrashy Movement

If you’d like to get involved in organising a clean-up in your area with friends, family and members of the community, contact CapeNature and we’ll help you with a #DontBeTrashy clean-up toolkit, including checklists and bags.

Simply go to and leave your details in the contact form and we’ll be in touch to help you get started!

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