CapeNature and Warrior on Wheels a team to be reckoned with!

by CapeNature

CapeNature is delighted to be partnering with the Warrior on Wheels Foundation for the third successive year at the 2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour. We’re helping to fund three custom-made buggies that will enable differently-abled children to be in the heart of the action during the race.

Each of the children is paired with a seasoned cyclist who tows the children around the full route of the cycle tour, providing an unforgettable experience and adventure.

We recently had the privilege of hosting the Warriors on Wheels teams at Rocherpan Nature Reserve as they geared up for the big race.

CapeNature is committed to the principle of universal access and at Rocherpan, for example, this commitment can be seen in the extended access ramps to accommodate wheelchair access as well as universally accessible showers.

Dr Razeena Omar, CapeNature Chief Executive Officer, commented that “CapeNature is honoured and proud to be giving differently-abled children the joy of adventure for another year as part of this extraordinary initiative. We consider universal access to be a key component with respect to our tourism offerings by creating accessibility for all, while maintaining a sensitive ecological footprint. Rocherpan Nature Reserve today has several facilities which are universally accessible.

CapeNature is committed to universal access in tourism and sporting events and is delighted to contribute to the gift of adventure for these courageous children. Deirdre Gower, founder of the Warrior on Wheels Foundation added, “We thank CapeNature for their gift of adventure, making it possible for our children to experience the spirit of the Cape Town Cycle Tour”.

Conservation Manager Callum Beattie showed the WOW team around the reserve and explained how Rocherpan Nature Reserve is responding to the challenges of the ongoing drought by finding innovative ways to work with and save water. Some of the methods included fog harvesting, water purification and Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG).

Then it was some time for the WOW teams to start some offroad training in earnest and the modified buggies were soon zipping around the gravel pathways. As the sun started dipping towards the horizon, the Warriors finally took some time out to soak up the sights and sounds of this idyllic reserve before they checked into their overnight accommodation, courtesy of CapeNature.

Thanks Warriors, it was a privilege to host you all.  All the best for the big day, we’ll be cheering you on!

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