Our personal lifestyle choices have an effect on biodiversity.

Use these biodiversity tips to make a difference.

Cederberg - Save Water


  • Shower instead of taking a bath (or don’t fill the tub if you prefer bathing).
  • Install water-saving toilets and shower heads.
  • Fix all your leaking toilets and taps.
  • Fill your kettle with only as much water as you need.
  • Don’t leave taps running.
  • Use a bucket to wash your car rather than a hosepipe.
  • Become a water-wise gardener – get to know your garden and remove alien vegetation.
  • Water your garden in the cooler early morning or evening hours to avoid rapid evaporation.
  • If possible, install a rain-water tank.

 Grey Rhebok - Cederberg - Western Cape - South Africa


  • Treat all wildlife with respect.
  • Get educated and inform others about endangered species.
  • If you see a tortoise in the road, pick it up and place it safely in the direction it was moving.
  • When visiting the beach, do not disturb the African black oystercatcher – southern Africa’s second rarest coastal breeding bird.
  • Do not disturb or take wild animals out of their natural habitat.

 Mountain Biking at CapeNature


  • Reduce energy use in your home.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Turn off your geyser when it isn’t being used or turn the temperature down.
  • Make more use of public transport and bicycles, especially for short journeys.


  • Recycle more household waste, reducing the natural space needed for landfill sites and slowing the rates at which non-renewable raw materials are consumed.
  • Use less chemicals in the garden and around the house.

Bokkie - Fire Awareness


  • Be fire alert and don’t start fires you can’t stop.
  • Attend to fires at all times.
  • Make sure a fire is completely extinguished when you are finished with it.
  • Open fires are only permitted in demarcated areas, in the fireplaces provided.
  • Do not throw cigarette ends out your car window and make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished before throwing them away.
  • Make sure that there are no illegal electrical connections in or near your home. Illegal and faulty electrical connections can get hot and start to burn.
  • Report a burning veldfire immediately.
  • Know your emergency numbers to report veldfires.

Contact your closest district emergency number immediately if you see a veldfire.

City of Cape Town: 107 (or 021 480 7700 if you are calling from a cellphone)

Overberg: 028 425 1690

West Coast: 022 433 8700

Eden: 044 805 5071

Central Karoo: 023 414 2603

Cape Winelands: 021 887 4446