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CapeNature provides legal advice and support services to the Western Cape. It contributes to national and provincial environmental policies, and helps develop management plans.

CapeNature also provides general advice to the game farming industry on the implementation of the Game Translocation Policy (GTUP) for the Western Cape and evaluates game management plans and habitat assessments with regard to the introduction of game to properties (especially extra-limital species, that is, to translocate game species to areas outside of their natural distribution ranges).

Qualified CapeNature employees attend game auctions to ensure that the principles of the GTUP for the Western Cape are adhered to and provide assistance with permit applications, at these auctions. The presence of CapeNature at these auctions facilitates the permitting process and all money generated at these auctions is an economic injection into the Western Cape Province. During the reporting period a total of 42 game management plans were evaluated by CapeNature’s Wildlife Advisory Committee. The approval of these management plans contributes to the sustainable management of game on private properties in the Western Cape, thereby contributing to the regional economy and additionally promotes the responsible management of both the potential negative impact on the receiving environment as well as the risk of invasion by extra-limital species.

CapeNature determines, by notice in the Provincial Gazette, the annual hunting season for the Western Cape Province. The Annual Hunting Notice for sport hunting governs all hunting activities in the Western Cape and contributes significantly to the economy of the Western Cape. In determining the following year’s hunting season, CapeNature is responsible for the public comment and participation process by acquiring input from both internal and external stakeholders, evaluation of the input received by CapeNature’s Wild Animal Advisory Committee (WAAC) and ultimately the publishing of the final notice in the Provincial Gazette.

Following the gazetting and publication of The Hunting Notice 2016, the sale of hunting licences, and consequently hunting itself, is directly linked to this activity.

CapeNature also provides general advice on Damage-Causing Animals (DCAs) and their management to farmers. Training is provided to communities and farmers unions on DCAs across the Western Cape.

We also manage a variety of claims, both for and against our organisation. CapeNature helps the public with leases, licences, permits and contracts.

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Download the Nature Conservation Ordinance 19 of 1974

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