CapeNature works on significant developments and the upgrading of existing tourism infrastructure. Our platform of products is well planned and appropriately positioned in the landscape to be environmentally sensitive and sustainable. Products cater for a wide user group from affordable to upmarket to ensure access to all people of the Western Cape and South Africa.

Eco-Tourism has always been seen as an important part of the Western Cape economy. CapeNature is one of the key custodians of many of the natural assets that have made the Western Cape a destination of choice, both nationally and internationally.

Sustainable utilisation of these assets for nature based tourism holds potentially enormous benefits for all, including:

  • assistance with the funding of further biodiversity conservation work by the revenue generated;
  • the creation of jobs and SMMEs – around tourism services – further assisting in socio-economic development;
  • publicity about our rich biodiversity and conservation practices, especially by word-of-mouth, which further enhances the Western Cape’s reputation as a tourist destination of choice, and
  • controlled access to sensitive areas, which assists in convincing more people of the importance of biodiversity conservation and removing the elitist stigma.