CapeNature plays a crucial role in ensuring the Western Cape has a sustainable supply of clean, fresh and potable water to support our population and a growing economy.

Mountain catchments refer to areas where water is naturally collected and channelled to rivers.

We use an integrated approach in our management of the Western Cape’s catchment areas, which “catch” rainfall runoff. The catchment areas we manage provide up to 60% of the potable water used in the province.

Integrated catchment management is holistic, focusing on both water and land management, as the two are inextricably connected. A change to the broader environment may have a profound effect on a water cycle. CapeNature efficiently manages natural water resources to ensure a sustainable water supply for communities, balancing the need to protect this precious resource with the needs of industry and agriculture.

As part of catchment management, we work to control fires and invasive alien species to protect the ecosystems surrounding catchment areas, while guiding land-use planning and development.

Integrated catchment management allows CapeNature to establish and strengthen partnerships with municipalities, fire associations and non-government organisations and public-sector programmes.