The GCBC is essentially about people, primarily rural communities and landowners, and how they use the land. The GCBC strives to introduce people to sustainable ways of using their land and the natural resources of this unique and diverse region.

Vision: From Karoo to Coast, we in the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor share a common purpose for biodiversity conservation through sustainable utilisation of its unique living landscape.

Mission: Learning and working together all the people of the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor live sustainably with, and benefit from, their natural resources now and in the future through appropriate conservation and management of the region’s unique biodiversity.

People in partnership: Establishing lasting partnerships is crucial to the success of the GCBC. The successful implementation of the GCBC relies on the integrity of the partnerships that are being formed with landowners, community leaders, municipalities, national and provincial government departments, non-governmental organisations and interested individuals and stakeholders.

The GCBC encompasses the following area (click on map to see larger version):


Map Key:

  1. Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area
  2. Tankwa Karoo National Park
  3. Cederberg Wilderness Area
  4. Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve
  5. Rocherpan Nature Reserve
  6. MatjiesRivier Nature Reserve
  7. Verlorenvlei Nature Reserve
  8. Sandveld Corridor
  9. Cederberg Corridor
  10. Olifantsberg Corridor
  11. Groot Winterhoek Corridor
  12. Bokkeveld Corridor

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