Delivers benefits to the GCBC communities by:

  • Providing a framework which will enable community participation in the management of the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor
  • Actively involving communities in the management of the GCBC and its natural resources and heritage values
  • Supporting the overall well-being of communities that live in harmony with nature and their social and cultural fabric
  • Contributing to sustainable development at a bio-regional scale
  • Acting as an example of sustainable living to benefit communities inside the Greater Cederberg region as well as outside its boundaries

Contributes to conservation by

  • Striving to maintain our unique and diverse natural environment containing many species and ecosystems
  • Contributing to conservation on a bio-regional scale through the establishment of corridors.

Promotes best practice land-uses by

  • Ensuring that all values and traditional land-use practices of the GCBC are recognised and respected
  • Striving to prevent inappropriate land-use practices and provide alternatives.
  • Establishing buffer areas and linking provincial with national protected areas
  • Providing opportunities for recreation and tourism that will ensure preservation of the region’s essential qualities.

Create awareness and garner support by

  • Encouraging activities that will contribute to the long-term well-being of the people and biodiversity of the region
  • Establishing support for the environmental protection of the GCBC