The GCBC is about people – primarily rural communities – and the way that they use the land, now, and in the future. It is about their environmental value systems, their fears and aspirations, their livelihoods, and the drivers of their landuse patterns.

Therefore, it stands to reason that effectively communicating a conservation message within the unique cultural background as well as the economic, political and environmental context of the GCBC is vital in achieving its goals.


A GCBC Small Grants Project:
Information sharing through the local media
Organisation: Clanwilliam News Agency


Project background
The media, and in this specific case the local newspapers, commonly serve as a “multiplier” of information, making it accessible to the general public. By leveraging the outreach potential that the local media have, the GCBC can reach a variety of target audiences to generate support for key issues, influence policymakers by informing their political constituencies, forming public opinion, and sparking much needed public debate.

  • This project aims to
  • educate local stakeholders about the significance of the GCBC concept and why their participation is crucial to the success of this conservation initiative
  • garner support, promote transparency and enhance trust among local communities and stakeholders
  • ensure that accurate information is available and readily disseminated
  • instil pride in the region’s natural heritage and foster respect for nature
  • highlight threats, such as fires, introduction of alien species, poaching and habitat loss, and its impact on the viability of local species

A GCBC Small Grants Project:
Youth development – school resource package
Organisation: Clanwilliam News Agency

More information to come…