The GCBC places strong emphasis on participatory, integrated and transparent processes to achieve its goals. Therefore the successful implementation of the GCBC depends on the partners and participants of the project.

CapeNature, the implementing agency of the GCBC, ensures that the GCBC receives all the support it needs to achieve success. Together, CapeNature and the GCBC Project Management Unit (PMU) ensure that lasting partnerships are built throughout the corridor.

The PMU has the backing of the GCBC Steering Committee. The committee consists of 22 members representing 22 different organisations that are highly qualified in their respective fields. The Steering Committee members are involved in all decisions that need to be made and meet every quarter to discuss projects and progress made. There are also a number of guests and GCBC Project Implementers that attend these meetings ensuring that thorough inputs are received on all necessary aspects.


A GCBC Small Grants Project:
Review of the GCBC Management Structure (GCBC Steering committee)
Organisation: Community Development Resource Association (CDRA)


Project Background
This project involves a facilitated reflection on the GCBC Steering Committee’s past and present functioning with a view to identifying its strengths and those gaps that would require addressing for future improved functioning.

The project aims to evaluate/reflect on the effectiveness/efficiency of the GCBC Steering Committee in its task to advice, oversee and facilitate the GCBC and to determine the possible gaps that exists in the management structures and to provide some recommendations to be considered as a way forward.