To achieve our socioeconomic objectives, our People and Conservation programme works with local communities through community-based natural resources management and local economic development initiatives.

Local economic development

CapeNature helps local communities, businesses and the non-governmental sector work together to create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation, which will improve quality of life in the province.

We aim to be recognised as a significant contributor to local economic development through our conservation economy projects. The West Coast, Cape Winelands, Central Karoo and Eden district municipalities are working to ensure that conservation-related local economic development initiatives are listed in their Integrated Development Plans for future funding opportunities.

Community-based natural resources management

CapeNature cannot effectively manage natural resources without establishing relationships with communities in the Western Cape. We aim to develop the capacity of local people to manage their own natural resources in a sustainable way. CapeNature works to maintain ecosystem integrity while improving the wellbeing of impoverished communities.

To achieve this, we are increasing community participation in the management and enjoyment of protected areas, using these areas for the sustainable harvesting of natural resources, restoring traditional values and systems while relieving pressure on natural resources, and using protected areas for neighbouring community cultural, spiritual and traditional practices.

CapeNature is committed to improving local communities’ access to protected areas to foster greater conservation consciousness. To this end, we encourage local communities to help make decisions on the management of natural
and heritage resources.