CapeNature’s National Environmental Youth Service Programme aims to help young people appreciate and respect biodiversity and social conservation. We develop their knowledge and skills so that they are equipped for the conservation challenges of tomorrow.

The overarching theme of the youth development programme is “putting action into policies and principles”. This is achieved through three focus areas:

  • Skills development through the National Youth Service Programme
  • Environmental literacy within the Western Cape, primarily through educational institutions
  • Personal growth, leadership and tolerance through the Twinning programme, which brings together young people with and without disabilities to break down misconceptions and promote tolerance.

The programme aims to help previously disadvantaged youth become employable by developing both their general and (accredited) conservation-specific skills. This in turn contributes to achieving national and provincial transformation objectives.

Through various training programmes, CapeNature benefits from temporary additional capacity, and boosted vitality and enthusiasm from working with today’s youth.

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