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Dassen Island

International Day of Biological Diversity

by CapeNature
With International Day of Biological Diversity celebrated on 22 May, not only is it a reason to revel in nature,…
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Elephants in the Western Cape

by CapeNature
CapeNature is aware of images circulating on social media depicting alleged animal cruelty to elephants. CapeNature is shocked and appalled…
Cedar Tree, cederberg wilderness

Saving the Clanwilliam Cedar

by CapeNature
On 17 May 2014, CapeNature joined Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat in helping to save the critically endangered…
Brin - Geometric Tortoise Rescue CapeNature

CapeNature Launches First Conservation Detection Dog Project For Tortoises In…

by CapeNature
CapeNature, together with local conservation partners, have implemented a conservation detection dog project to help conserve the critically endangered geometric…
Kas Hamman - CapeNature

CapeNature Says Goodbye To Dr Kas Hamman

by CapeNature
After 42 years of dedicated service to biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape Province, CapeNature says goodbye to acting Chief…

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Riverine Rabbit

Riverine Rabbit Discovery Brings New Hope

by CapeNature
CapeNature and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) are excited to announce the discovery of a population of Critically Endangered Riverine…
Razeena Omar - CapeNature CEO

CapeNature Welcomes Dr Razeena Omar As CEO

by CapeNature
The Western Cape Nature Conservation Board is proud to introduce and welcome Dr Razeena Omar as CapeNature’s new Chief Executive…

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Gamkaberg receives top African honour

by CapeNature
Characterised by its biodiversity levels on par with the highest in the world, Gamkaberg Nature Reserve has been honoured by…

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Green Jobs CapeNature

Green Jobs Build Brighter Futures

by CapeNature
CapeNature’s People and Conservation Programme is making a visible mark on the national job creation drive through its vibrant FTE…

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Do you know the journey of water?

by CapeNature
When opening taps for free flowing water in our homes, it’s so easy to forget that long before that water…
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