Closure of Die Gruis beach track

by CapeNature

From February 2010, members of the public will be prevented from driving on the tracks known as “Die Gruis” as well as sections on the frontal dunes along the sea-front of the Uilkraalsmond Nature Reserve – following an instruction from the National Department of Environmental Affairs to CapeNature. From the first week of February, CapeNature will be erecting barriers to prevent all vehicles from driving on these sensitive areas; however parking behind the frontal dunes will still be permitted in demarcated areas, explains Tierck Hoekstra, CapeNature Area Manager: Overberg.

As driving on the beach is illegal, access to the reserve from the Pearly Beach side with a vehicle is not possible and the only legal entry point is the gate at Uilkraalsmond daily between 7:00 am – 19:00pm. As CapeNature does not want to prevent fisherman from accessing the coast altogether, the existing gate will stay operational as before.

CapeNature asked members of the public to adhere to the No-entry signs which will be erected soon at the closed off entry points to the beach. Notification stating that driving on “Die Gruis” and the adjacent dunes is illegal and therefore not allowed will also be handed out to visitors entering through the gate.

As CapeNature would like to enhance the facilities at this fishing spot, authorisation in terms of the environmental regulations will be applied for – in order to enlarge and properly demarcate parking areas and to possibly erect boardwalks across the fore dunes, if funds can be allocated for this.

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