Coming soon … to the Klipgat Cave

by CapeNature

The final reveal in our list of new and upgraded products coming to CapeNature reserves takes us to Walker Bay.

Located on the Overberg coast, the Walker Bay Nature Reserve is where the Klipgat Cave lies. Walker Bay is a coastal nature reserve which includes five coastal areas between Hermanus and Die Dam near Struisbaai.

One of the panoramic views at Walker Bay Image copyright Don Kirkwood

One of the panoramic views at Walker Bay
Image copyright Don Kirkwood

The largest area stretches from Klein River to De Kelders at Gansbaai. Die Plaat is the area’s white sandy beach, with rocky limestone outcrops and the occasional southern right whale offshore. The scenic Klein River lagoon, north-west of the reserve, flows into the sea at times.

The Klipgat cave, right next to the De Kelders end of the reserve, was home to Middle Stone Age and Late Stone Age humans, and is one of the most remarkable examples of early human dwellings in South Africa. Already a popular tourist attraction, the cave is now set to benefit from new signage and interpretation within, which will enhance the public’s interaction with the site.

The view from inside the Klipgat Cave

The view from inside the Klipgat Cave
Image copyright Don Kirkwood

The interpretation centre is also being refurbished with new signage and artefact displays, compounding the experience and knowledge gained during a visit to the important historical site. All of these new attractions will be completed by the end of the first quarter, meaning the public can expect an enhanced experience from this autumn.

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*Please note that we will notify the public via our website, Facebook page and Twitter account once the above products can be booked via our Reservations office. 

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  • Fatima Ebrahim

    February 13, 2018 3:35 pm

    Good day!
    Please put up visable signs at the beach at Klipgat Cave that organisms (dead or alive) should NOT be removed or disturbed.
    We saw some northern European tourists collecting hats full of shells from the beach and ignored our complaints even though they understood English.
    This is sad to see happen in a nature reserve especially since very few beaches still have pretty shells like we do.
    Let’s keep S.A beautiful.


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