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Brin - Geometric Tortoise RescueCapeNature, together with local conservation partners, the University of the Western Cape and the Elandsberg Nature Reserve have implemented urgent conservation action plans to conserve the geometric tortoise, Psammobates geometricus, South Africa’s most endangered terrestrial tortoise and one of the world’s top 25 most endangered tortoise and freshwater turtle species.

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The conservation status of this species has recently been upgraded to critically endangered according to IUCN criteria. It is now the third most endangered land tortoise in the world, and has been listed by the IUCN as one of the Top 100 most threatened species on Earth. This species only occurs in the low lying renosterveld habitat of the Cape lowlands and the main threats to this species include habitat destruction and fragmentation, too frequent fires, alien vegetation encroachment and a probable increase in predation pressure.

Read more about the development of a conservation detection dog team as an additional tool to survey geometric tortoises in the poster below. It is also available for download as a pdf at the following link: Conservation Detection Dog Project (right-click, save-as to download).

For more updates on the Conservation Detection Dog Project and to view the video of Brin, the detection dog, in action, click here.

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Detection Dog, CapeNatureThe Conservation Detection Dog Project recently welcomed Champion Pet Foods as a sponsor of dog food for the project and we thank them for their support and sponsorship.

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