Filming and Events Notice

We appreciate the concerns and measures implemented by our events and filming partners. With the extension of Covid-19 national shutdown, CapeNature has put some necessary measures into place, to minimise risk around filming and event activities on its nature reserves.

As a precautionary measure, CapeNature will not be taking nor processing any filming nor event applications, effective immediately. Thus none of these activities are permitted on CapeNature reserves until further notice.

The situation is being monitored closely and members of the public, Filming Scouts/Producers and event organisers will be informed accordingly of any new developments.

The Western Cape’s nature reserves offer a wide selection of the most breathtaking landscapes including mountains, dams, waterfalls, rivers and roads, making them a desirable venue for hosting events.  Please note that events are subject to approval by CapeNature.

The CapeNature Event application form may be downloaded here.

For further enquiries please contact Mr Trevor Luthango in our Marketing department on 087 087 9262 or email

Fees applicable from 01 September 2017

Event Type




Commercial events not in line with CapeNature business and not conservation related


Over 500

R5 700


200 – 500

R3 400


100 – 200

R2 300


Less than 100

R1 700

Non-commercial events (charity, educationals etc)

This is at CapeNature’s discretion, based on marketing exposure, access, distance into the reserve etc.

NB: Conservation fees may increase without notice, as they are linked to our tourism products.

Breakdown of fees 

Conservation feeR50 per person (flat/once-off)
Eco feeR125 per hour (ratio, 1:50 participants)
Admin feeR1500 (flat/once-off)
Event feeDependent on scale of event, see table above

Please note that all events must have an Environmental Ecological Officer (ECO) at the organizer’s cost. That appointment has to be approved by CapeNature and forms part of the hosting application.

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Get involved

Bookings are processed through our Call Centre during office hours Monday to Friday 07h30 to 16h30 and Saturday 08h00 until 12h00 noon (CAT).

Our friendly tourism booking officers will take you through the booking process and answer all enquiries.