CapeNature’s De Hoop Nature Reserve in the spotlight

by CapeNature

Dim the lights, break out the popcorn and coffee and make sure you’ve settled into your favourite chair in front of the television by 4pm on Sunday, 8 July 2018.

That’s when The Wild Ones – De Hoop Place of Hope, is scheduled to air on M-Net channel 101. Viewers can look forward to a gripping episode which relates how five critically endangered African species; the Cape mountain zebra, the Cape vulture, the African black oystercatcher, the bontebok and the Southern right whale have found a sanctuary at CapeNature’s De Hoop Nature Reserve.

This World Heritage Site, spanning 36 000 hectares – the largest natural area managed by CapeNature – offers a safe haven where these species, hunted to the brink of extinction, are making a remarkable recovery thanks to tireless conservation efforts.

Razeena Omar, Chief Executive Officer for CapeNature, says “It is brilliant to see all the hard work put in over the years by our conservation staff to conserve these protected areas. The footage was documented with extreme detail and respect for nature. We commend the production teams putting this together so well.” She adds, “The neighbouring marine reserve, which extends 5km out to sea, is one of the largest marine protected areas in Africa. It conserves a vast and fascinating variety of marine life captured in this episode.

De Hoop Nature Reserve - Western Cape - South Africa

The Wild Ones features a series of 12 episodes featuring locally produced stories of animals in their natural habitat. From the heartwarming stories of a group of dedicated people caring for rhino orphans left behind by poaching, to the incredible team working behind the scenes of Africa’s premiere aquarium as they continue the legacy and prepare for the impending reopening of a major exhibit. Watch the difference people can make in safeguarding those under threat, from individual animals of great importance to entire species on the brink of extinction.

De Hoop Nature Reserve - Western Cape - South Africa

In the first episode, De Hoop Place of Hope, we witness the arrival of whales in the late winter, the oystercatchers’ spring breeding cycle, and male Bonteboks’ displays of power in the summer. Other fascinating segments show one of the last breeding colonies of Cape vultures as well as the efforts to capture Cape mountain zebra so that they can be relocated to other suitable habitats.

Cape Mountain Zebra, CapeNature, Scott Ramsay

The Wild Ones is produced by Homebrew Films in partnership with WWF South Africa and BirdLife South Africa. Share your thoughts with us while watching, use #MNetWildOnes and don’t forget to tag @CapeNature.

Happy viewing!

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