Earth Day celebrations calls for citizens to be active participants in waste minimisation

by CapeNature

CapeNature joined hands with the Ramaphosa community in Philippi on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 to spread anti-littering awareness and help clean-up the community in celebration of Earth Day 2019.

The CapeNature Youth Environmental Services (YES) Programme in joyful spirits in their #Don’tBeTrashy gear while providing the Philippi community with waste bags, water and creating a conservation around protecting our planet.

The pilot project by CapeNature in collaboration with the City of Cape Town (Solid Waste) is part of a ‘responsible citizenship’ programme that intends to reward citizens for their participation in waste minimisation. A conservation talk was delivered to the community as a way to create more awareness on protecting our planet for those to come. This was followed by a distribution of waste bags and water for refreshments.

CapeNature Community Conservation Manager, Nokuthula Makeleni-Masiba says; “To promote a healthy environment for generations to come, communities should minimise throwing away waste and create alternative ways to help protect our planet. Healthy alternatives like making compost from the food we consume on a daily basis, can help us fight global warming.”

The Philippi community remains one of the leading polluted informal settlements in the Western Cape due to waste being discarded in public spaces and littering.

This project also aims to give back to community members by means of a swap-shop project that aims at rewarding residents with donated items in exchange for waste they collect to help encourage a cleaner and safer city.

Makeleni-Masiba adds; “When you give back to a community you are also promoting possibility. We are contributing by providing resources to this community to further encourage hope.”

Part of the Earth Day 2019 visit to the Ramaphosa community in Philippi, was to inspire sustainable development and give back to the community to further encourage the feeling of hope and possibility.

As part of CapeNature’s #DontBeTrashy movement, the importance of keeping communities as clean as possible is prioritised to address littering behaviour and wasite management in the Western Cape. Information on CapeNature’s #DontBeTrashy campaign can be found here.

Donations for the Ramaphosa Informal Settlement Swap-Shop project can be made at Driftsands Nature Reserve, these will be collected on the last Friday of every month. Contact Nokuthula Makeleni-Masiba for more information on 087 087 4015 and

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