Environmental Education booklet: Stepping out of the classroom into the wilderness!

by CapeNature

As part of our commitment to increase access to our unique natural and cultural heritage, we pride ourselves by connecting and educating schools and students through our exciting Environmental Education and Awareness Programmes.

Our easy-to-read booklet was developed for teachers, parents and communities who wish to make use of CapeNature services.

The benefit of our natural resources are shared by facilitating access to our protected areas for sustainable utilisation, research and recreational purposes, environmental awareness as well as cultural, spiritual and traditional purposes.

The booklet will also be used by the People and Conservation team as an exciting educational tool with the emphasis on the benefits of an “outdoor classroom”.

Some of the offerings include curriculum-aligned programmes that support the work teachers do in general awareness programmes and exhibitions.

On offer:

• Holiday programmes
• General awareness programmes
• Volunteer-based programmes
• Exhibitions
• Overnight camps (can be curriculum-aligned if needed)
• Teacher Workshops

The outdoors gives students the opportunity to analyse and interpret information in a natural context.

Programmes are fun, interactive and run for the full day! Only the highest standards are applied in a safe environment where learners can experience, explore and learn.

For more information, view the booklet here:

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