Essential services to continue during the lockdown

by CapeNature

CapeNature will continue to offer the following essential services for the duration of the lockdown from midnight Thursday, 26 March to midnight Thursday, 16 April 2020:

  • Disaster management including flooding, fire and oil spill contingency plans.
  • Fire prevention, wildfire suppression and fire fighting.
  • Wildlife conservation including, legislative compliance (through permitting), maintaining animal welfare and responding to immediate, severe threats of invasive alien species.
  • Law enforcement and anti-poaching.

Please note that permit applications will be received, evaluated and processed during the COVID-19 lockdown period, however, no inspections and site visits will be conducted during this period.  Permits which are due to expire within the lockdown period, will be extended for up to 3 months. Click here for a list of emergency numbers in your area.

Alternatively, please call our Contact Centre on the following numbers:

  • 061 8712539
  • 074 936 2139
  • 062 318 4987
  • 061 855 4066

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