Fighting Wildlife Crime – CapeNature on the Expresso Breakfast Show

by CapeNature

Our friends at the Expresso Breakfast Show – SABC 3 invited us to talk about our water saving technologies at our various nature reserves across the Western Cape.

Paul Gildenhuys, Programme Manager of the Biodiversity Crime Unit (BCU) recently appeared live on Expresso, the SABC3 breakfast show. Click to play the video below to watch Paul explain more about biodiversity crime and how members of the public can help to prevent the theft and the smuggling of animals and plants.



Members of the public had the opportunity to call in with their questions on biodiversity crime, like whether people who sell wild flowers along the side of the road are committing a crime and what the consequences would be. Listen below to Paul’s response.



In the final part of the segment, Paul Gildenhuys elaborates more on the animals and plants that are most at risk and identifies the most common perpetrators of biodiversity crime.



The Biodiversity Crime Unit provides the public with advice and information on various issues related to wildlife crime.  Please be vigilant and contact the South African Police Service or the closest CapeNature office to report any suspected illicit smuggling and trade of animals and plants.

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