Getting ahead: An EPWP success story

by CapeNature

Meet Smith Oerson, a contractor at Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve near Robertson.

Smith has gone from being a salaried supervisor at a local primary school, to being the owner of his own business, contracting to CapeNature. The video embedded below is his testimony of his time as a CapeNature project participant in the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

The province-wide footprint of CapeNature’s operations presents an opportunity to improve the lives of people and communities, especially in the rural landscape, by providing job opportunities and reducing poverty and unemployment.

These projects focus on historically disadvantaged communities – especially women, youth and people with disabilities.

Find out more about Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve here:

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  • Loretta Henry

    February 15, 2017 11:59 am

    Good Day to All and Especially to Mr Smith Oerson and his wonderful Team!

    It is with much appreciation and gratefulness that I respond today!
    Mr Oerson and your team – Your hard work and absolute dedication to this project has been noticed by my Husband, Claude Steenkamp and myself.

    We are Honorary Nature Conservation Officers – at the Metro Offices in Delft. Our Reserve covers a large area in the Delft vicinity in Cape Town!

    Thank you Roth Communications for putting this video together – to witness the dedication of Mr Oerson and his team “On the Job!” We have noticed the cleanliness, some small deviations here and there and good path maintenance! The new wall is truly amazing! We love it!! This all contributes to a stunning, scenic and safe walk whilst hiking in your area! It also affords us the opportunity to see for quite a long distance in the front path for any animals, tortoises and snakes!
    One often misses out on such a grand opportunity if the grass is long in front of you!

    On our last visit however (Dec 2016) we walked in 37 deg – took a lunch break about half way and turned back for obvious reasons.
    But still enjoyed an absolutely splendid walk that we still recall today!

    We love Vrolikjheid, Nature Reserve, loved our overnight accommodation- and in general just cant wait to back for another overnight visit!!

    So A very Big Thank you to: Mr Oerson and his Team, The Friendly and very helpful staff when booking and at the reserve and all other personnel who cares and loves this reserve as much as my husband I do!

    Kind Regards
    Loretta Henry and Claude Steenkamp
    PS : We have been walking in this reserve regularly over the past 18 years!! and still counting!!!


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