Put the Spotlight on Hiker Safety this Summer!

by CapeNature

CapeNature has many reserves near Cape Town, including Jonkershoek, Hottentots Holland, Limietberg and Kogelberg, where you can find great hiking trails, ranging from short rambles to multi-day hikes that allow you to explore the vast beauty and biodiversity of our natural resources.

Multi-Day Hiking - Generic

But, as with all outdoor activities, safety should always be a primary concern. During the summer months, the risk of overheating (hyperthermia), sun stroke, and dehydration increases, so you should be prepared.

Before setting out on your hike, you should make sure you have educated yourself about the route, terrain, difficulty, and expected time required to complete the trail. Never hike alone, and always make sure someone else knows where you are going, your route, and when you are expected back.

Hikers Network has a great initiative, a hiker tracking tool, that monitors and tracks hiking groups.

The tracking tool is run by volunteers who stay in contact with the hiking party via Whatsapp. When hikers head out on multi-day hikes they submit a trip plan and volunteer trackers check in daily with the group to monitor their progress and safety. There is also a paramedic volunteer available for quick advice when needed but if there is an incident, then Metro – Wilderness Search and Rescue is informed without delay.

Safety Tracking is free for all outdoor users, just click through to http://hikersnetwork.co.za/safetymountain to sign up. Happy exploring – see latest Wild Card rates here for affordable access to CapeNature reserves.


  • Tony Mills

    December 22, 2017 1:52 pm

    What a great initiative, brilliant idea well done . From an old Mountain Club rescue member.

  • Rika de Wit

    February 27, 2018 9:42 am

    Die beste wat daar gedoen kan word vir Hikers, dit is een van die wonderlikste ervaringe om in die natuur te gaan stap met verantwoordelikheid teenoor jouself en jou familie!
    Well done!!!!!!


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