International Coastal Cleanup Day 2020 – Trashy seas made clean

by CapeNature

By Marx-Lenin Nagan, Stakeholder Engagement Officer, Cederberg Landscape Unit

International Coastal Cleanup Day was marked on 19 September 2020 and CapeNature staff rolled up their sleeves to support local initiatives on the day. Three coastal cleanups took place on the 19th September in the Cederberg Landscape at Velddrif, Elands – and Lamberts Bay respectively. These were done in partnership with the Bergriver municipality (Velddrif) while Elands-and Lamberts Bay was done with Cederberg Municipality together with department of environmental affairs and EBEDAG (Elands Bay Environmental Action Group), 9 Miles project, Lamberts Bay OK and members from all the communities.

Community and youth participants from PPK Laaiplek at Velddrif. Photo: L Matthews

The theme for the day was ‘Trashy Seas made clean’ and CapeNature officials present spoke more on the importance of the topic. At Velddrif, Rodney Kissen (Field Ranger, Rocherpan Nature Reserve), Lauren Matthews and Ryan Marinus (Marine Rangers, Berg Estuary) supported the event and Kissen gave a brief introduction of the importance of the ocean and why it should be kept clean. Marx-Lenin Nagan (Stakeholder Engagement Officer – Cederberg Landscape Unit) gave a talk at Elands Bay campsite while Lamberts Bay was supported by FTEs from Bird Island Nature Reserve. Participants included youth from the Pinkster Protestanste Kerk (PPK Laaiplek) supported by Pastor Afrikaner at Velddrif as well as youth and community. All the coastal cleanup events were given bags and gloves for recyclable materials that was sponsored by PlasticsSA. Posters were also sponsored by PlasticsSA. All the bags were put on location to be collected by the municipality.

Rodney Kissen, (left) field ranger from Rocherpan Nature Reserve, handing out light refreshments at Velddrif for participants.  Photo: L Matthews

After the cleanups groups participated in a quiz and were given CN activity books and badges for prizes for correctly answered questions. At Velddrif two Pick n Pay vouchers issued by the Bergriver Municipality were given to Pastor Afrikander from the PPK by Rodney. Lamberts Bay event were supported by management from Lamberts Bay OK who also actively participated in the cleanup and EDEDAG at Elands Bay, both supported light refreshments.

Participants supported by 9 miles project (Elands Bay) and youth from Lamberts Bay. Photo: Sulandi van den Heever & Paul du Toit

At Velddrif, light refreshments were sponsored by the local Laaiplek Superspar. Also a special thanks to management of Lamberts Bay OK for sponsoring with light refreshments and participating in the cleanup. Thanks also to Elands Bay Guest House, Red shop, Bokkom Braai team for supplying the boerewors rolls, and to Emma and Clinton of 9 miles project.

Community volunteers at Velddrif. Photo: L Matthews

Overall, the ICC campaign in the Cederberg landscape for 2020 proved to be a huge success and will have a greater impact on the coastal communities within the landscape in near future.  These will be followed up by upcoming marine awareness campaign in October to schools as part of National Marine Week/Month.

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