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by CapeNature

Ever wanted to leisurely wander along forest paths, conceal yourself in a bird hide or simply just meander along hidden paths on your bicycle? Well, CapeNature reserves are magical places where you can do just that. CapeNature works hard to protect these incredible places, just for you and every reserve allows you to lose yourself in the discovery of your magical surroundings. CapeNature is a place where new adventures await you around every corner.

Here are five very special locations to choose from.

1) Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve

Grootvadersbosch is of the less well-known reserves in the Western Cape. Nestled in between Afromontane forest teeming with ancient yellowwood, stinkwood and ironwood trees, the reserve boasts 11 modern cottages characterised with green building technology. With over 85% of the building materials being sourced from previously existing structures, the cottages are a fitting addition to this World Heritage Site.

Visitors to this beautiful reserve will relish the opportunity to get out into the forest on day walks and mountain biking trails. This is an excellent birding destination with more than 196 bird species regularly spotted. Hikers are likely to bump into bushbuck and spot baboons and smaller mammals when out on the trails. Sighting the forest emperor butterfly and a subspecies of the rare ghost frog would be the highlight of a visit here, as they can only be found in this particular forest.

But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what these visitors have to say about this very special place.

2) Cederberg Wilderness Area

The Cederberg Wilderness Area is one of the most undisturbed and secluded places in South Africa. Only three hours north of Cape Town, the Cederberg is highlighted by the breath-taking scenic mountainous wilderness area.

An area entrenched in history; you can spend an entire day searching for rock art, caves and cliffs. After being proclaimed a wilderness area in 1973, the Cederberg is now one of eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa and is home to the beautiful Clanwilliam cedars, which overhang some of the cliffs. The endemic snow protea is perhaps the most attractive plant on the peaks – scarce and only found at a few sites in the wilderness area.

CapeNature offers a range of accommodation opportunities, from secluded mountain huts, to fully equipped cottages as well as riverside campsite facilities

3) Gamkaberg Nature Reserve

What could be more relaxing and rewarding than spending a day or two in nature, whilst having all the luxuries modern living requires? This is exactly what you will experience in the Gamkaberg.

The reserve is about 35km outside of Oudtshoorn and has become known to tourists as a place to switch off and bask in the richness of unique Klein Karoo biodiversity.

With luxury accommodation at the Tierkloof Eco Lodges, this reserve offers the perfect balance for those looking to get in touch with nature during the day and those who prefer the comfort of a luxury tent at night.

4) Robberg Nature Reserve

You will forever regret visiting the Robberg Nature Reserve without having set time aside to walk the peninsula.

The pristine, elemental beauty of Robberg Nature might come as a shock to some visitors. Its proximity to one of the most popular towns on the Garden Route is misleading – there is much more to Robberg than a day at the beach, and its wilderness can make visitors feel that they are at the edge of the world. The area is a meeting place – of land and sea, of wind and rock, of ancient memory and the constant changes wrought by nature. The ecology of the Robberg Peninsula presents an exciting example of how plants and animals adapt to the interacting influencers of land and sea.

A national monument as well as a World Heritage Site, with several significant Stone Age sites, Robberg shows, Robberg shows us that until relatively recently, and humans co-existed peacefully with nature. Any visit, long or short, should inspire visitors to follow their example. An overnight hut is available for those who want to spend more time on the beautiful reserve.

5) Swartberg Nature Reserve

Nothing prepares visitors for the vast, stunning stillness of the Swartberg Nature Reserve.

Koot Cordier, Swartberg, Gamkaskloof, CapeNature

Even those who know the story of Gamkaskloof, and of the settlers who spent over a hundred years living in total isolation in the valley, are overwhelmed. Gamkaskloof Valley is is known as Die Hel, and it is easy to see how the place got its name. It is an area of stunning, sometimes brutal extremes – the most treacherous mountain passes, the hottest days, the coolest nights. the 121 000 hectare reserve lies in the Oudtshoorn district between the Great and Klein Karoo, and is traversed by the extraordinary Swartberg Pass, considered to be one of the most scenic drives in the world.

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