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Permits Information

CapeNature is the regulatory authority in the Western Cape for the issuing of permits for fauna, flora, hunting and CITES.

Through the Permit Office, CapeNature strives to provide administrative support which is effective, fair and efficient, and monitor compliance in terms of all relevant environmental legislation.

Download the Nature Conservation Ordinance 19 of 1974

A table containing all of the administration, licence and permit fees levied by CapeNature is available below.


The business process for the issuing of certain permit types has become decentralised following the implementation of an electronic permit system available at regional Conservation Services Offices.

This decentralisation will streamline and standardise our existing processes, rules and policies which will enhance and simplify the permit application procedure.

Although we endeavour to process all applications as speedily and as efficiently as possible, the usual turnaround period to issue most permits is 5 – 10 working days from receipt of a complete application.

Please note that this turnaround period only applies to applications that do not trigger an on-site inspection, management plan evaluation or consultation with another / third party (i.e. importing or exporting Province / country) and includes: CITES permits and letters, protected wild animal transport permits within the WCP only, protected flora export and import permits and transport permits for cycads within the Western Cape only.

An express service fee is also available for these applications where the turnaround period is 24 working hours from receipt of a complete application.

To ensure that we are able to meet these turnaround periods please ensure that your application form is completed correctly and signed and includes all supporting documents (if required) and proof of payment before submitting your application. Incomplete applications will lead to unnecessary delays and your application will in all likelihood not be processed in the above turnaround period.

Please also ensure that your application process and the relevant turnaround period (i.e. 5 – 10 working days or 24 working hours) is factored into any arrangements (i.e. export, transport etc) prior to submission of your application.

For enquiries as to the turnaround period for your application, please contact CapeNature’s permit office (listed below).

The following permits will now be issued at Regional Conservation Services Offices:

1. Fauna transport WITHIN the Western Cape Only:

Common species only: Eland, red hartebeest, springbok, plains zebra, kudu.

2. Damage Causing Animals:

  • Caracal, black-backed jackal, kudu, eland, bushpig.

3. Protected flora licences:

  • Registration and licensing of Flora growers and Flora sellers.
  • Export protected flora.

4. Endangered flora transport WITHIN the Western Cape only:

  • Transport of cycads WITHIN the Western Cape only.

Please submit your permit applications for the above categories to your nearest Conservation Services Office for processing. Contact details can be found below.

The person who currently has the animal(s)/plant(s) in his/her possession completes/signs/counter-signs the application forms and submits it, and not the recipient.

For permit applications not in the above categories, the original procedure of applying through our Head Office still applies. Application to export and import wild animals and plants will also still be processed at Head Office.

Please CLICK HERE to view information on latest permit fee increases (document will open in a separate tab). For a list of all of the permit administration, licence and permit fees, please CLICK HERE (document will open in a separate tab).

Please note that applications not accompanied by a proof of payment cannot be processed. Please take note of the codes in column 2 of the PDF above. They are to be used whenever direct payments (i.e. bank deposit or internet transfer) are made.

Application deposits that do not indicate the correct code can either not be processed or will result in delays in processing an application. The correct code MUST be reflected whenever a direct deposit or internet transfer is made into the CapeNature’s bank account using the following format example (please use the correct code applicable to your application):

Reference: H018 / 800490 & Depositors Details (i.e. your full name, company etc.)

Payment may be made by depositing the relevant amount into our bank account and faxing or producing the proof of payment (i.e. stamped deposit slip, internet banking confirmation etc.) on application.

Banking details:

Western Cape Nature Conservation Board
Current Account
Account no: 1452057117
Branch code: 145209

For enquiries please contact CapeNature’s permit office on 087 087 4088.




Donnie Malherbe – Conservation Services Manager

Tel: 022 931 2900/931 2088/931 2087

Cell: 082 455 5569

Fax 086 528 9705

Email: gmalherbe@capenature.co.za

Terence Coller: Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 022 931 2900/931 2088/931 2087

Fax: 086 605 8517

Cell: 082 784 1752

Email: terence@capenature.co.za



Wentzel Hornimann – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 027 219 1480

Cell: 082 455 5583

Fax: 027 219 1922

Email: whornimann@capenature.co.za



Helene van der Westhuyzen – Conservation Services Manager

Tel:  021 955 9120

Cell: 082 773 4278

Fax:  086 528 9716

Email:  hvdwesthuyzen@capenature.co.za

Dumisane  Jula – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 021-955 9120

Cell: 071 999 5348

Fax: 086 210 5169

Email: djula@capenature.co.za

Leandi Wessels – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 021 955 9120

Cell: 072 592 3517

Fax: 021 955 4556

Email: lwessels@capenature.co.za

 Khungeka Lindani – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 021 955 9120

Cell: 082 058 9108

Fax: 086 430 9875

Email: klindani@capenature.co.za



Theresa van der Westhuizen –Conservation Services Manager

Tel: 044 203 6300

Fax: 086 528 9806

Cell 082 5696 480

Email: tvdwesthuizen@capenature.co.za



Barend le Roux – Conservation Services Manager

Tel: 044 802 5316

Fax: 044 802 5313

Email: bleroux@capenature.co.za

Carlo van Tonder- Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 044 802 5333

Fax: 044 802 5313

Email: cvtonder@capenature.co.za

Allistair Pietersen- Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 044 802 5318

Fax: 044 802 5313

Email: apietersen@capenature.co.za




Michael Hanson – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 028 713 2366

Cell: 082 448 9116

Fax: 086 576 5103

Email: mhanson@capenature.co.za




Corne Claassen – Conservation Services Manager

Tel: 023 625 1621

Fax 086 529 0631

Cell: 082 496 2449

Email:  cclaassen@capenature.co.za

Marthinus van Tonder – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 023 625 1621

Fax: 086 504 6368

Cell: 083 310 3413

Email: mvtonder@capenature.co.za



Marthinus van der Westhuizen – Conservation Services Manager

Tel 021 866 1560

Fax: 021 866 1567

Cell: 082 784 7173

Email:  mvdwesthuizen@capenature.co.za



Andrae Marais – Conservation Services Manager

Tel: 028 314 0062

Fax: 028 314 1814

Cell: 079 528 3560

Email: andrae@capenature.co.za

Bongani Sithole – Conservation Services Officer

Tel: 028 314 0062

Fax: 028 314 1814

Cell: 072 401 3669

Email: bsithole@capenature.co.za

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