CITES Permits

CITES is the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The processing of CITES applications is a costly exercise and since the CapeNature is no longer in a position to carry these overhead costs, this has necessitated the levying of an application fee for individual permit applications.

The fee per application is R400,00 (including VAT). Businesses/traders are required to register with CapeNature at a once-off payment of R8000,00 per annum (VAT included). Once registered, all permit applications received during the validity period of such registration will be processed free of charge, except for re-issue and the “express service” applications.

Download: CapeNature – CITES application form

An “Express Service” fee is payable for applications made to the CapeNature Head Office

A fee concession may be considered in respect of applications received from recognised research institutions or projects, and in respect of conservation programmes that are not conducted for commercial gain.

Payment is to be made by depositing the relevant amount into our bank account, and faxing or producing the deposit slip on application.

Banking details:
Account No.: 1452057117
Branch code: 145209

Fax your deposit slip and application to: 086 556 7734

CapeNature hopes to continue a happy relationship with our clients and is committed to better service delivery.

Contact numbers:
087 087 4088
or email dkleinhans@capenature.co.za

Where to apply: 
CapeNature Head Office

Validity period:
Export and re-export: six months from date of issue
Import: One year from date of issue

Why must you have a permit?
South Africa is a signatory to CITES and as such must comply with the import, export and re-export procedure as stipulated by CITES.
CapeNature is the CITES Management and Scientific Authority for exports out of and imports into the Western Cape Province from or to other countries.
Further details with regard to CITES can be found at: www.cites.org

Endorsements of CITES Permits

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) requires that South African CITES export and re-export permits be endorsed and shipments inspected. This mandatory  requirement is specified in Block 5 of the special conditions of your permit.

CITES export and re-export permits not endorsed will be considered invalid, resulting in detainment of shipments and possible seizure by the Customs authorities in countries of destination.

Please also note that effective from 1 May 2008, the United States Fish and Wildlife Services Office of Law Enforcement implemented a new U.S. regulation requiring that all CITES export permits be  endorsed prior to any CITES regulated goods being exported from South Africa to the United States  of America (USA).

It is imperative that you contact CapeNature to have your CITES export and re-export permit endorsed and shipment inspected prior to export from the Western Cape.

CITES Management Authority

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