Fauna Permits

CapeNature is the regulatory authority in the Western Cape for the issuing of permits for fauna, flora, hunting and CITES.

Through the Permit Office, CapeNature strives to provide administrative support which is effective, fair and efficient, and monitor compliance in terms of all relevant environmental legislation.

Where to apply for fauna permits

CapeNature Head Office or any regional office.

List of Fauna permits

Certificate of Adequate Enclosure

Validity period

Three years

Why must I have a permit?

A Certificate of Adequate Enclosure, issued in terms of section 35 of the Ordinance provides farm owners with various rights not usually afforded to other farm owners. These rights include, firstly, the hunting of the species of protected wild animal(s) specified on the Certificate at any time (i.e. out of official hunting season) and by any means (i.e. including the use of prohibited hunting methods, other than fire or poison) without the prior acquisition of a permit to do so, secondly, the capture and keeping in captivity of any animal(s) species that appears on the Certificate without having to first acquire a captivity permit and, thirdly, property owners with a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure may sell or donate any animal(s) or the carcase of any such animal(s), from the species that appears on their Certificate, without having to acquire a permit to do so. It is important to note that in the case of sale or donation of any live wild animal(s), in addition to a letter of sale or donation from the property owner, a transport permit is still required by the recipient of such wild animal(s) for the transport of any live wild animal(s) from a farm that has a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure. It is also important to note that a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure will lapse upon the transfer or lease of the land or any portion of such land in respect of which that Certificate was issued.

Download: Application Form – Certificate of Adequate Enclosure.

Export, Import and Transport of Wild Animals, Fish and Game

Validity period

One week to a month

Why must I have a permit?

In terms of section 44 (1)(a) of the Ordinance one needs a permit to import into, export from or transport in or through the Western Cape Province any wild animal. For birds this provision only applies to birds that are listed as protected or endangered in terms of the Ordinance. It is also important to draw a distinction between this Transport Permit and a CITES permit that is mentioned below.

Download: CapeNature – Fee Application Form – Transport Interprovincial No Capture

Download: CapeNature – Application Form – To import and Transport Wild Animals

Download: CapeNature – Application Form – To Capture and Export and/or Transport Fauna

Download: CapeNature – Application Form – To Import, Export, and Transport Live Fish

Permit to Possess the Carcase of an Endangered Wild Animal(s)

Validity period

Three years

Why must I have a permit?

In terms of section 26 of the Ordinance not only does one need a permit to possess any live endangered wild animal but one also needs a permit to possess the carcase or any part of the carcase of any such animal.

Download: CapeNature – Application – To Possess Endangered fauna – live or carcase.

Wild Animal Captivity Permit

Validity period

One to three years (depending on the amount of animals in captivity).

Why must I have a permit?

In terms of section 31 of the Ordinance no person may keep any wild animal(s) in captivity without a permit. For birds, a captivity permit is only required for bird species classified as protected or endangered in terms of the Ordinance.

Download: CapeNature – Application Form – Fauna in Captivity.

Wild animal educational/show/exhibition

Download: Application – Wild Animals in Shows and Exhibitions.

Sale of Game Permit

To meet our mandate, the sale of wild animals (including Game Species) is regulated by a permit system and permit requirements.

The following species, if up for private sale or auctions, are regarded by CapeNature as Ecotypical species.  Only indigenous to the Western Cape and subject to the requirements in annexure2 of GTUP

1. Blue Duiker
2. Bushbuck
3. Common duiker
4. Cape Grysbok
5. Grey Rhebuck
6. Klipspringer
7. Mountain Reedbuck
8. Steenbok

On application of the above ecotypical species, each application is subject to a full habitat evaluation and population assessment for both properties in order to make an informed recommendation.

The following species, if up for private sale or auctions, are subject to an approved Game Management Plan prior to the sale of the species.  These species are regarded as extralimital species to the Western Cape.  The list below are the frequently applied for species in the Western Cape and is not a full list which requires Management Plan – see annexure 2 of GTUP for the full table of species in general as well as their permitting requirements.

Please note to bring your Game Management Plan Approval letter with you on the day of the Auction to verify that your property has been approved to introduce the Game Species you have bought on auction.

1. Black Rhinoceros
2. Sable
3. Roan
4. White Rhinoceros (only habitat assessment)
5. Blue Wildebeest
6. Waterbuck
7. Giraffe (only a habitat assessment)

All Applications must meet the CapeNature Game Translocation and Utilization Policy (GTUP) as well as the CapeNature Fencing Policy.  Should Bontebok antelope be up for sale either private sales or auctions, must adhear to the requirements of the Bontebok Conservation Translocation and Utilization Policy. Further, a habitat evaluation (done by a CapeNature official in your region) must be conducted on both properties to inform an application recommendation.

For further information feel free to contact the CapeNature Permits Department during office hours (07:30 to 16:00) on 087 087 4088.  You may e-mail your requests or applications to permits.fax@capenature.co.za  or dkleinhans@capenature.co.za

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