Hunting Permits

CapeNature is the regulatory authority in the Western Cape for the issuing of permits for fauna, flora, hunting and CITES.

Through the Permit Office, CapeNature strives to provide administrative support which is effective, fair and efficient, and monitor compliance in terms of all relevant environmental legislation.

CapeNature has recently published a guide for hunters in the Western Cape, so that all hunters are able to hunt legally in the province. To download this guide, click here or the image below.


Click the image above to download a PDF of the Guide for Hunters in the Western Cape

Hunting License

Where to apply: CapeNature regional offices in

  • George (044) 802 5300,
  • Porterville (022) 931 2900,
  • Oudtshoorn (044) 203 6300
  • Onrus (028) 316 3338,
  • Driftsands (021) 955 5940

Queries: Danelle Kleinhans

Call us on 087 087 4088 or email dkleinhans@capenature.co.za

Download the Application for a Hunting Licence by clicking here (a word document will open in a new tab).

Validity period

Determined upon application or as required.

Why must I have a permit?

In terms of section 27 of the Ordinance a licence is required to hunt any protected wild animal during any hunting season. It is important to note that hunting licences are only valid for species that are reflected in the annual hunting notice. In this hunting notice, other import aspects such as: length of the hunting season, area(s) in which that season is applicable, daily bag limit and other hunting methods allowed, are reflected.

Prohibited Hunting Method Permit

Validity period

Determined upon application or as required.

Why must I have a permit?

Sections 29 and 33 of the Ordinance prescribe a number of hunting methods that are considered to be prohibited. These methods include: hunting with the aid of artificial light, hunting on or from a public road, hunting by means of any trap, hunting at night and by means of a bow-and-arrow, amongst various others. All of these hunting methods are considered to be prohibited in the Western Cape Province and a permit is required to use any of them to hunt any wild animal(s). It is important to note that researchers that wish to collect any wild animal(s) (which includes birds and insects) using a trap (which by definition includes the use of mist-nets, cages, box-traps, birdlimes etc.) must also apply for a prohibited hunting method before collecting any specimens.

There are concessions to scientific research collections (including birdringing permits).

Download: Application to hunt wild animals by means of a prohibited hunting method

The Hunting Notice

The Hunting Notice determines the hunting season, daily bag limits, prohibited hunting methods, as set out for the Western Cape Province for the year.

Download the Hunting Notice for 2019

Download the Hunting Notice for 2020

Download the Hunting Notice for 2021



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