Telemetry tracking of invasive carp in Groenvlei Lake to inform management efforts

by CapeNature

A scientific study on the movements of invasive carp in Groenvlei Lake is currently underway at Goukamma Nature Reserve.  Scientists from the University of Toronto, Canada and the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity have caught a number of carp in Groenvlei Lake in February 2020 where acoustic telemetry tags have been inserted into the abdomen of each to understand the daily movements of carp in Groenvlei Lake.  Carp that have these internal telemetry tags have also been tagged with a white visible tag in the vicinity of the dorsal fin.

This study aims to inform Conservation Management where the highest concentrations of carp occur in Groenvlei Lake so that an appropriate removal strategy can be put in place to manage this highly invasive species.

Freshwater fish anglers and members of the public are kindly requested to assist CapeNature and the research team in two ways:

  • Release any carp that have visible white tags back into Groenvlei if not injured and still in a good condition to allow the research team to continue collecting data.
  • Carp with white tags that cannot be released (dead) are to be taken to the nearest Goukamma office so that the acoustic and dorsal tags can be removed safely and reused by the research team.
  • For further information, please contact the Conservation Manager, Mr Thulani Ndlovu at (044) 383-0042.

CapeNature appreciates your support and commitment towards the conservation efforts at Groenvlei Lake.


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