Water Week 2019 – Water For All

by CapeNature

The theme for National Water Week 2019 is ‘Water For All’.  

National Water Week serves as a powerful campaign mechanism re-iterating the value of water and the need for sustainable management of this scarce resource.

The campaign seeks to continue building on the ongoing awareness creation within the broader South African community. This awareness creation is coupled with the responsibility that every citizen must take in ensuring the integrity of our water resources and its efficient use.

In the Western Cape, CapeNature is one of the major roleplayers in ensuring regular and steady water supply to the entire province. This is done through CapeNature’s Integrated Catchment Management programme.

The term Mountain Catchment refers to an area where water can be collected naturally and channelled to rivers. CapeNature’s approach allows for up to 60% of the potable water in the province to be collected in our catchment areas.

We recognise the connection between water and land management, which is why our approach to catchment management covers both aspects. This approach acknowledges the impact any change in the environment can have on water supply, which in turn could impact on the lives of everyone in the province.


The Goukamma river mouth, a vital bridge between land and sea

And managing water isn’t just about ensuring you get a steady supply of clean drinking water from your tap – it’s also about ensuring the agricultural sector enjoys a reliable supply of usable, clean water, as well as keeping the ecosystem healthy so that the entire cycle can keep going.

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