Western Cape State of Biodiversity Report 2017

by CapeNature

CapeNature has compiled State of Biodiversity reports every five years since 2002 and the 2017 release is the fourth report. The reports aim to give some indication of the state of the ecosystems of the Western Cape Province (WCP).

These reports taken together over time should provide rough trends in the health of the WCP’s biodiversity, species and ecosystems. The launch of the report was held at the Medical Research council on the 7th December 2017, with invited guests in attendance.

CapeNature is in a unique position to collect information that represents the state of biodiversity and ecosystem health over a sufficiently long period of time to observe trends. To achieve this, appropriate, good quality and consistent monitoring is required. Once monitoring has been completed, data needs vetting, collation and formal storage before the important work of analysis and interpretation to translate the findings into management recommendations can be tackled.

This is an ongoing challenge given the complexity and variability of the WCP environment and we are very dependent on the excellent corps of partner organisations, tertiary institutions, NGOs, government colleagues and committed individuals to work collaboratively on this common challenge. The 2017 report can be downloaded below:

SOBD Report 2017

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