Whale Trail upgrades coming in 2020

by CapeNature

The Whale Trail promises to be the ultimate hiking experience. This wonderful experience takes place at our breath-taking De Hoop Nature Reserve. Our Nature reserve is more than just a retreat, it’s a whole surrender!

The trail meanders through the idyllic De Hoop Nature Reserve where the fragrance of fynbos intermingles with salty sea air. You will marvel at the abundance of endemic plant species and enjoy the company of a variety of rare and endangered animals. The peace and tranquility De Hoop Nature Reserve brings you, will make you think you’re gazing at a Bob Ross painting.

As CapeNature, we always lead the way in our sustainable tourism. A case in point is world-renowned whale-watching spot De Hoop Nature Reserve. To ensure that we keep this standard, we have closed down our reserve, we promise exhilarating changes. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused our valued customers.

This World Heritage Site (WHS), not only boasts its beauty, it offers a safe haven for these large marine mammals, who are often hunted to the brink of extinction. The whales are making a remarkable recovery thanks to our tireless conservation efforts.

What to look forward to

  • Provision of overnight lapas
  • Improved user-friendly  and safe route to Stilgat for snorkelling and swimming in the blistering hot seasons
  • Cottages will be solar-powered
  • Refreshing filtered water in your huts, for those hot summer days

We aim to reopen in 2020 and should there be additional updates we will keep you informed.

Our number one priority remains providing the highest level of comfort and hospitality to our guests and the only way to ensure that in the future is to close down the entire trail to accommodate the necessary maintenance and construction work. We thank you for understanding!

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