Wild Card FAQs

Are you wondering how to use your Wild Card? Or whether children over the age of 18 can be added to your family card? We’ve got the answers!

How long is a Wild Card valid for?

A Wild Card is valid for 365 days from date of purchase. Because your card is personalised and sent by secure mail, it may take around six weeks to reach you. Until you receive the plastic card, you can use your confirmation letter or Wild Card voucher to gain entry into reserves.

How do I visit reserves with a Wild Card?

When you visit a Wild Card conservation area, you need to present your Wild Card AND proof of identity. Your ID or passport number is encoded in your card and this will be checked against your picture identity. The confirmation letter or Wild Card voucher can be used until you receive your card.

Does the family card include children over the age of 18?

The family card is for two adults and up to five children under the age of 18. Your child might still be living at home with you, but if they are over 18, they will have to get their own card. The one exception is for mentally challenged children dependent on their parents. In this case you will have to provide proof of their condition when buying the card.

If I buy a Wild Card, could I bring a friend along on that card?

A Wild Card gives access only to the people listed on that card. If you want access for two people, you can buy a couple card and enter your friend’s details. The second person on the couple card is listed for the duration of the year – you cannot change the details to a new friend for every trip.

Can a foreigner living in South Africa purchase a Wild Card for locals?

Yes, but you have to provide proof of South African permanent or temporary residency or a work permit (valid for more than six months) to be eligible for the card. You will also have to show your residence or work permit whenever you visit Wild Card parks.

What should I do if I lose my Wild Card?

Contact the call centre on 0861 GO WILD. They will be able to provide you with a confirmation letter until a new card can be issued. A replacement smart card will carry a small fee.

I’ve paid for a Wild Card but I haven’t received Wild magazine. Who should I contact?

You can email Wild magazine on subs@tipafrica.co.za. Please include your Wild Card number with your query.

Is your question not answered here? Please visit www.wildcard.co.za for more frequently asked questions. You can also call 0861 GO WILD or email wildcard@sanparks.org with your query.

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