Scientific Research

CapeNature is the regulatory authority in the Western Cape for the issuing of permits for fauna, flora, hunting and CITES.

In order to operate as efficiently as possible CapeNature needs to have a record of all scientific research/collection projects or inventory collections undertaken on its nature reserves, at least, but preferably those encompassing the Province as a whole (including private property).

Where to apply for Scientific Research permits: CapeNature Head Office

Please download and complete the application form below to conduct any scientific research on CapeNature reserves.

Download: CapeNature – Application Form – To Collect Fauna And Flora For Scientific And Research Purposes

Should any of the requested information (i.e. species to be collected, area concerned etc.) not be forthcoming, a clear reason/motivation for this omission must be provided.

If the space provided in the application form is not adequate, separate documents providing the requested information may be attached to the application form.