4×4 Trails

The Walker Bay Fishing Trail provides 4×4 access to popular angling and picnic spots along Die Plaat. Visitors can access 4×4 routes from the Stanford gate (fishing trail), De Kelders Gansbaai gate and the Uilkraalsmond Franskraal gate. The fishing trail brochure is available by clicking on the image below.


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4×4 Fishing Trail

The popular 4×4 Fishing Trail is located in the Lê Bos section of Walker Bay Nature Reserve. A variety of marine fish are found along this coastline, including kabeljou, steenbras and the sought-after galjoen.

The route gives visitors easy access to popular angling sites along this stretch of coast, such as Die Polle, Sopiesklip, Groot Duifklip and Klein Duifklip.

The route starts at the reserve entrance next to Wortelgat, leading through the reserve to the first stop: Die Polle. From here, the route continues to Sopiesklip – an ideal spot to stop for a picnic. Anglers can also travel further along the route and try their luck at Groot Duifklip or Klein Duifklip.

The fishing trail is open daily from 07:00 to 19:00. At the gatehouse, visitors are required to pay the standard reserve conservation fee as well as an activity fee to access the trail.

Please note:

  • Distance from the gate to the last fishing spot is about 9km.
  • All the fishing spots have a designated parking area.
  • This is a 4×4 trail – no walking or driving on dunes or coastal areas.
  • Only 4×4 vehicles are allowed on the trail.
  • Check your tyre pressure is correct for the driving conditions.
  • Please make sure you have all the necessary permits for angling and bait collection
  • No dogs or fires.