Klipgat Cave

The Klipgat cave, accessible via the De Kelders gate at Walker Bay Nature Reserve, was home to Middle Stone Age and Late Stone Age humans, and is one of the most remarkable examples of early human dwellings in South Africa.

Accessible via a boardwalk, and a small amount of rock-hopping, the Klipgat Cave has two chambers. The first has a rocky floor that leads to the sea (as seen below).


To the left of this chamber is a small entryway that leads into the main site of the cave. Featuring a circular boardwalk that takes you on a journey through the historical significance of Klipgat Cave, the site is a reminder of our tremendously rich natural heritage in the Western Cape.


There are also spectacular views of the Walker Bay coastline stretching down to Hermanus in the distance, as seen below.

The view from inside the Klipgat Cave

The view from inside the Klipgat Cave