I love meeting people from other parts of South Africa and the world

Working in tourism services in tranquil Gamkaberg Nature Reserve in the Klein Karoo is a dream job for Adam Isaacs, who enjoys interacting with visitors and takes pride in helping to make them as comfortable as possible.

He says he was grateful for the opportunity to work at the reserve as an EPWP participant, in the stillness of nature. Before that, he was a driver, which was “lonely work, and travelling long distances became dangerous”.

Gamkaberg has self-catering and camping accommodation. Its eco-lodges consist of safari-style tents on decks, with splash pools, a kitchen/lounge area and an ablution block. Isaacs’ role is to take care of the lodges, including cleaning and checking that everything works as it should.

“Many people say to me that I am doing women’s work. But I just say to them that it’s work and I get a salary for doing it. So it doesn’t matter what type of work is being done. I have also benefited, as now I have skills that mean I can help out at home!”

He says the customer care training he received has helped him in his dealings with visitors. “I love meeting people from other parts of South Africa and the world. People really enjoy the quietness and the beauty of the reserve and always comment on it.

“Tourism services are a seven-day week, but you can take time off. I live on a farm about 4km from the reserve and every day it’s a challenge to cycle to and from work. It’s far and it’s a gravel road, but it helps to keep me fit!”