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Western Cape Biodiversity Act

Western Cape Biodiversity Act

Developing regulations to implement the Western Cape Biodiversity Act, Act 6 of 2021.

The Western Cape Biodiversity Act was signed into law in 2021. It marks a key milestone in the rationalisation and modernisation of the regulatory framework for biodiversity governance in the Western Cape Province and supports alignment with national and international policy and strategic frameworks.

On 15 November 2022 several chapters and sections of the Western Cape Biodiversity Act came into operation, including the critical governance, planning and reporting sections.

The next phase is to enable key conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity through the development of appropriate regulation.

Once promulgated by the Provincial Minister, this will repeal and replace the Nature Conservation Ordinance and its regulations.

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Commencement of the Western Cape Biodiversity Act, 2021 (Act 6 of 2021)

Minister Bredell said the Biodiversity Act, which was signed into law earlier in November 2022, will come into effect in a phased manner.

β€œThe Western Cape Biodiversity Act allows us to modernise our thinking on biodiversity, driven through partnerships with key sectors and communities to promote the conservation of our biodiversity while also allowing for development, economic growth, and job creation,” Anton Bredell, Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning said.

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