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Internship programmes

Internship programmes

Intern with us and kick-start your career!

We at CapeNature are passionate about developing the next generation of nature conservationists. Our Work Integrated Learning Internship Programme and Graduate Internship Programme will ensure that you can develop your love for nature and gain the experience you need to embark on a fulfilling career.

Work Integrated Learning Internship Programme

CapeNature has memoranda of understanding with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Nelson Mandela University to assist their third-year nature conservation students in completing the work integrated learning (WIL) component of their degrees.

This experiential work year entails working on one of the CapeNature reserves from January to December, and completing set assignments and worksheets. Interns liaise regularly with university lecturers and with reserve managers to ensure they are gaining the practical insights they need to step out into the world of nature conservation work.

They will be involved in the hands-on running of the reserve, from data collection and community work to the clearing of alien vegetation. While rendering a service to nature and to the users of the reserves, they are gaining valuable experience in the field and are being upskilled, with personal and professional development at the core of the programme.

The number of interns varies from year to year, but about 12 students are accepted annually. Some go on to be offered permanent positions at CapeNature; others venture out and carve out fulfilling careers while rendering an essential service to the environment.

We are proud to have been running this successful internship programme for many years and have had some exceptional young people passing through our ranks in that time, gaining a holistic perspective of the world of conservation work.

Recruitment process:

  • CapeNature places advertisements on both campuses for the internship programme
  • On-campus mentors ensure that candidates submit their applications, accompanied by their academic transcripts and completed questionnaires
  • Candidates are invited to indicate which of CapeNature’s reserves they would like to work at (some of which offer free accommodation)
  • CapeNature captures the applications and reviews them, giving preference to the candidates with the strongest results
  • A shortlist is created and interviews are conducted
  • Candidates are selected and matched to reserves
  • An induction process is undertaken and candidates are required to sign contracts
  • Successful candidates are placed and are paid a monthly stipend while working
  • Email for more information

Graduate Internship Programme

It’s not only nature conservation students who need an opportunity to gain work experience – there are also many unemployed graduates out there who are desperate to get a foot in the door. Our Graduate Internship Programme helps graduates gain that on-the-job experience in order to flesh out their CVs and ultimately find permanent employment.

We are pleased to have chalked up a number of successes through this programme, with several enthusiastic graduate interns going on to be permanently placed with CapeNature or taking up positions elsewhere. We offer an opportunity for them to grow and develop while working, and to hopefully find their professional niche.

For example, a promising graduate with a conservation degree turned out to have excellent administration skills. He was placed in human resources, and worked in supply chain and the office of the CEO before being offered a permanent position in CapeNature’s Porterville regional office on the West Coast. This is just one example of how CapeNature tries to identify and upskill promising young professionals and help them find their passion.

Recruitment process:

  • Graduates are invited to submit their CVs to, indicating which field/s they may be interested in working in
  • CapeNature often has entry-level graduate internship opportunities available in the fields of human resources, marketing and conservation
  • These work opportunities are offered mainly at CapeNature’s head office and its regional offices
  • Successful candidates will be required to sign a contract with CapeNature before they start working
  • These opportunities are for a duration of 18 months, during which the intern will be paid a salary
  • Some graduate interns may be offered permanent positions once their contracts have expired, but this is not guaranteed