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Filming and photography information

Filming and photography information

The Western Cape is world-renowned for offering almost every cinematic location imaginable. CapeNature offers film producers a wide selection of the most breathtaking landscapes, including mountains, dams, waterfalls, rivers and roads.

The combination of fantastic weather and amazing light has resulted in the Western Cape becoming a major drawcard for the hosting of local and international film, video and stills productions.

Current filming rates

  • Low-impact shoot (maximum of 15 people): half-day @ R3 135.00 (excluding VAT); full-day @ R5 610.00 (excluding VAT), plus permit and environmental ecological officer (ECO) fees
  • Medium-impact shoot (16 to 30 people): half-day @ R6 050.00 (excluding VAT); full-day @ R9 900.00 (excluding VAT), plus permit and ECO fees
  • High-impact shoot (31+ people): half-day @ R8 250.00 (excluding VAT); full-day @ R14 850.00 (excluding VAT), plus permit and ECO fees
  • Permit fee: R350.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Permitz offers private ECO services starting at R220.00 ex VAT per hour

Permits and enquiries

CapeNature has outsourced our filming and photography permits service to Permitz, which will assist you with any queries. Once you have completed your application form, please send it to Permitz for processing and payment.

For more details and to book filming permits, visit or call Jackie Tranmere on +27 (0)21 200 0764 during office hours or +27 (0)82 880 4649 after hours. 

Filming enquiries