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Scientific research permit

What type of activity requires a permit?

Research activity that involves the marking, catching or disturbance of wild animals, the removal of plants or access to any protected area/nature reserve will require a permit.

Why do I need a permit?

CapeNature is the regulatory authority in the Western Cape for the issuing of permits for fauna, flora, hunting and CITES. In order to operate as efficiently as possible, CapeNature needs to have a record of all scientific research/collection projects or inventory collections undertaken on its nature reserves, but ideally also those encompassing the province as a whole (including private property).

It is important to note that researchers who wish to collect any wild animal (including birds and insects) using a trap (which, by definition, includes the use of mist-nets, cages, box-traps, birdlimes, etc.) must also apply for a permit before collecting any specimens.

How do I go about getting a permit?

You can either submit a completed application form and supporting documents (including proof of payment) to, or you can apply online through the CapeNature permits portal at

How long will it take me to get a permit?

It will take 60 working days to obtain a permit.

What is the cost of the administration fee?

There is no cost attached to obtaining this permit.