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Research and resource library

Research and resource library

A framework to measure the wildness of managed large vertebrate populations

Conservation Biology. Child, M.F., Nel, L., Sellier, S.A.J., Power, J., Birss, C., Radloff, F.G.T., Taylor, A., Davies-Moster, H., Okes, N., Mallon, D., Hoffman, M. 2019.

Activity booklet: Biodiversity (nature) – ages 6 to 10

This activity book is proudly brought to you by CapeNature and offers various activities around biodiversity. Here, you’ll participate in games that will teach you how to conserve our indigenous fishes and how lowland fynbos works. 

Activity booklet: climate change – ages 13 to 16

What is the difference between the weather and the climate? What happens when the climate changes? In this booklet, you’ll find cool and fun activities such as word searches and puzzles to help you understand the difference between weather and climate.

Activity booklet: Fire – ages 3 to 8

Do you know the difference between good fires and bad fires? In this activity book, you’ll learn all about fire and how it affects our lives. Here, you’ll also find interactive games such as word search puzzles around fires. 

Activity booklet: Water – ages 7 to 10

In our water-activity booklet, learners will discover fun and interesting water-based games they can play to enhance their general knowledge of water and its importance.

Activity: Colouring in – plant appreciation day
Activity: Colouring in – water factory

Have fun colouring in nature’s water factory!

Activity: Fire – cut out the firefighter

Print out this page and cut out the firefighter and his clothes as a fun activity for the classroom or at home.

Activity: Quiz: classification of plants and animals – International Day of Biological Diversity (Grade 7)

Do you know which biodiversity kingdom provides 60% of the world’s medicines? Take our quiz to see how much you know about biodiversity and the Western Cape.

Adaptive governance of Cape mountain zebra - can it work?

African Journal of Wildlife Research Vol. 47, No. 2. Novellie, P., Birss, C., Cowell, C., Kerley, G.I.H., Peinke, D., Pfab, M., Sellier, J. and Zimmerman, D. 2017

    Booklet: CapeNature educational programmes, teacher workshops and programmes

    Need some inspiration to help you teach the Natural Sciences, Technology and Life Skills curricula? We have it sorted!

    Conservation implications of establishment success of Critically Endangered Twee River redfin in an artificial impoundment

    Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. Jordaan, M.S., Van der Walt, J.A., Brink, Z., Erasmus, S. and Weyl O.L.F. 2017.