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Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve Conservation

Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve Conservation

The Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve has varied habitats, from steep mountain ridges, cliffs, ravines and spurs, to the almost-level Jonkershoek valley floor. This allows richly diverse plant and animal species to thrive here.

Two main vegetation types, mountain fynbos and riparian forest, occur on the reserve. The forest is restricted to the banks of the Eerste River and adjoining streams. The reserve has many small mammals, such as the red-sided skink, the striped mouse and the mongoose, but visitors will struggle to spot them within the area’s dense vegetation.

Assegaaibosch is also home to many types of frogs, lizards and insects. The leopard is the largest predator in the area. Its spoor can occasionally be seen on hiking trails after rain, but it is highly unlikely that you will encounter this wary predator.

Avid birders will enjoy the 135 species in the area, including large raptors such as black eagles, as well as kingfishers, sugarbirds, orange-breasted sunbirds and protea seed-eaters.


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